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Antique Sewing Machine Repair Course

Antique Sewing Machines Course
Includes textbook, workbook, resource books, video,
and a large collection of bonus reference materials.

Discover How To Do Antique Sewing Machine Repair.

Antique sewing machines require special care. They require special skills, techniques, and knowledge to properly maintain antique sewing machines. Now you can learn those vital skills. Now you can repair and refurbish antique sewing machines.

Dear Friends,

As I grow older, there are some things that I come to appreciate more and more. Treasures of the past are among those things I value more each day. Many years ago, my wife found a fabulous antique sewing machine. I was awestruck. It was an 1880's pristine Jones hand crank.  Antique sewing machines are true treasures.

These antique sewing machines require antique sewing machine repair and care. Some even demand antique sewing machine refurbishing.

I discovered the hard way that antique sewing machine repair is very different from sewing machine repair on more modern sewing machines. A repair mistake can forever ruin an antique. The differences between antiques and modern sewing machines are many. In this ebook, I explain these differences. I guide you through antique sewing machine repair step by step.

You will learn essential techniques to repair and refurbish antique sewing machines. 

Discover and enjoy Antique Sewing Machine Repair.


David Trumble

 Macs Marshall
East Tampa, Fla.

I love antiques.  When a group of us formed an antique sewing machine club together, we were frustrated because many of the machines just did not work.  Your course has made a huge difference.  We do all our own repairs now and have quite a collection.  Thanks.


Sewing Machine Repair Yesteryear pic

 Glimpses of Sewing Yesteryear

Our Antique Sewing Machine Photo Gallery
comes alive
 with beautiful full color photos of
antique sewing machines.

See several mini sewing machines.  See your favorite antique sewing machine models. 

This antique sewing machine collection displays vivid full color photos.  Many of the antique sewing machines have been worn out with decades of use.  Others are in spectacular condition.  Many still work fantasticly. 

We are especially proud of the Jones hand crank antique sewing machine.  It has gold leaf that is flawless and the antique sewing machine works like it is brand new. 

We also treasure the antique singer treadle sewing machine that belongs to my business partner and came from his grandmother. 

In this vivid pictoral essay, sewing heritage and sewing machine history come alive.  

  Glimpses Of Sewing Yesteryear
is a perfect companion volume to 
My Magnificent Sewing Machine 
and Antique Sewing Machine Repair.

Antique Sewing Machines & Antique Sewing Machine Repair pic 5.Sewing Machine Repair Yesteryear pic


Now You Can Have

Antique Sewing Machine Repair

Glimpses Of Sewing Yesteryear

 Plus As An Added Bonus,
You Will Receive.

Antique Sewing Machine Repair

This workbook will guide you and empower you learning of the vital antique sewing machine repair concepts and details.
Value $29.95

Antique Sewing Machine Repair Manual Collection Vol. 3

Collection 3
This treasured collection of antique sewing machine repair manuals will help you quickly become expert at antique sewing machine repair.  Value $200.00

Antique Sewing Machine Americana pic.

 This exciting multi-media ebook brings the words of our American heritage alive. Discover the words that made America great. Read and listen. You will love the vibrant patriotic backgrounds you will love.

VALUE $29.95

Sewing Machine Repair TNT pic.
Get Started Fast with this 72 page ebook.
It is full of sewing machine repair tips, tricks, and techniques you need.

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Periodically this collection of sewing machine repair resources is updated with answers to questions, ad on articles, and materials.  You will have Premium access to these updates at no additional cost. 

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If for any reason Antique Sewing Machine Repair and Glimpses Of Sewing Yesteryear, fail to meet your expectations within 60 days; you may request a full refund.  That is a 100% unconditional money back guarantee.

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