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Bernina Sewing Machine Repair.

Do you own a Bernina Sewing machine? If so, consider your machine a prized possession.  You can be proud that you have the very best.

Bernina Sewing Machines are not like other sewing machines.  For many many years the Bernina Sewing Machine has been made in Switzerland.   

They are painstaking engineered.  They are made  with the finest craftsmanship.  Nothing like them is available anywhere else in the sewing machine world.  They are  hand assembled in their own factory in Switzerland. 

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They have their own special features.  They differ from other sewing machines in very subtle ways.   Many sewing machine technicians work on other brands of sewing machines.  Many do not understand these subtleties. 

Bernina Sewing Machine Repair is not something you want to leave to just anyone.  Demand a  fully  certified Bernina Sewing Machine Repair Technician.  Seek Bernina Sewing Machine Repair exclusively.   Seek out a fully certified Bernina Sewing Machine Repair Technician. Check experience and reputation.

Where can I find Bernina Sewing Machine Repair?

The only place to find Bernina Sewing Machine Repair is at a certified Bernina Sewing Machine Dealer.  

You can usually find your Bernina Sewing Machine Repair Center listed in the yellow pages.  Look under sewing machine repair.  You might search on Yahoo or Google.  Search for sewing machine repair with your zip code.

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There are two types of dealers. 

First, there is a network of  over six hundred independent Bernina Sewing Machine Dealers.  Most of these are located in major cities.   

Secondly, there are a small number Bernina Sewing Machine set in stores.  These can be found at Hancock Fabric Super Stores.  Both of these sources provide professional Bernina Sewing Machine Repair.   These Technicians are here to service your sewing machine. 

You can package your sewing machine.  Ship it to the National Bernina Sewing Machine Repair Center in Aurora, Illinois.  

These are certified Bernina Sewing Machine Repair Technicians.  They will provide you the skilled technical services you want and need.

Can I do my own Bernina Sewing Machine Repair?

Yes.  You can learn to service your own Bernina sewing machine.  

To do so you will need three things. 

First, you will need a good general sewing machine repair knowledge. 

Second, you will need access to Bernina parts. 

Third, you will need a local certified Bernina Sewing Machine Repair Technician.  He can assist you if you get into trouble.

The general sewing machine repair knowledge can be learned.  Check out the excellent sewing machine repair course here.   These courses will enable you to do most of the Bernina Sewing Machine Repairs.  This includes standard service, cleaning and oiling, and minor adjustments.

You can get access to Bernina parts.  It requires the right connections.  You may buy the parts from a local Bernina Sewing Machine Repair Center.  You may acquire your own Bernina Sewing Machine Repair Dealership.  This will give you direct access to parts.  

Check to see if a dealership is available in your area.  You may consider the opportunities of setting up your own Bernina Sewing Machine Repair Center. You could own your own sewing machine store.   There is a sizable investment to get started.  But the return on investment is well worth it.

Getting help is important.  Especially, when you are first starting out.  You will need a certified Bernina Sewing Machine Repairs Technician.  He can help you solve the more complex problems.  It is well worth a drive of a few miles to get help.  Have an experienced technician diagnose and resolve complex problems with you.  It can be a great learning experience.

Bernina Sewing Machine Repair.