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Brother Sewing Machine Repairs.

Brother Sewing Machine Repairs may be performed by an official Brother sewing machine dealer. 

They may be done by a Brother certified  independent sewing machine repair technician. 

Brother Sewing Machine Repairs may be completed, by a sewing machine repair technician without any Brother Sewing Machine Repairs affiliation. 

Or they may be made by the regional Brother Sewing Machine Repairs center.  

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Brother Sewing Machine Repairs are among the most common sewing machine repairs, because Brother International is one of the most popular sewing machine brands.   Brother offers a line of low end sewing machines that is marketed through many mass merchants.   Brother also offers a high end line of sewing machines known as the Brother Pacesetter that are sold exclusively through independent Brother sewing machine dealers.

In 1993, when I was first starting my sewing machine repair, I felt a need to attain certification from somewhere.   To my delight, Brother International  had a program to certify Brother Sewing Machine Repairs Technicians.  I applied and completed their requirements.  The company issued my certification and sent me a window sign to display Brother Sewing Machine Repairs.

According to that agreement, I would service a Brother sewing machine that was under warranty.  I received payment directly from Brother International.      The customer received free warranty service, and I got paid as well.  It was a great win win arrangement as a Brother Sewing Machine Repairs Technician.   It also gave me the opportunity to order Brother parts at wholesale cost.

When we opened our first sewing machine store, I continued doing Brother Sewing Machine Repairs, but added the Brother Pacesetter line as our primary sewing machine line.  We were very excited to have such fine line of sewing machines to sell.    Our sewing machine repair business continued to grow, and we were very happy to be the official Brother Sewing Machine Repairs Center.    We also serviced all the other sewing machine lines.

Servicing Brother Sewing Machine Repairs is very straight forward.  After you complete your initial test sew assessment, you remove the sewing machine covers.  In older models, the case is easily removed by removing a few screws.  In newer models, many Brother sewing machines use snap together covers.   You must learn the proper technique to opening these covers.  It requires a firm pressure from back and front and a quick pop of the plastic as the cover unsnaps.

Brother manufactures both front loading and top loading bobbin sewing machines.    Better sewing machines are top loading full rotary sewing machines.  In both cases, the trick is to frequently clean the bobbin area to prevent  problems.  

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After removing the covers, proceed with Brother Sewing Machine Repairs by removing all the lint and junk inside the machine.  Inspect the sewing machine for worn or broken parts.  Lubricate the machine thoroughly.  Reassemble the Brother sewing machine by snapping the covers together and fastening the assembly screws properly. 

To complete the Brother Sewing Machine Repairs, complete a thorough test sewing of the sewing machine.   Test the straight stitches, zig zag stitches, satin stitch, reverse and reinforcing stitches, and the button hole.  Correct any problems with tension and the quality of stitches that you identify.

Brother Sewing Machine Repairs.