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Seven Courses for sewing machine repair and serger repair  Do it yourself sewing machine repair

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You may live in Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Canada, United States, or anywhere in the world, and still learn sewing machine repair through our Fix Sewing Machines Correspondence Institute.  Indeed, over 2,000 technicians, store owners, and hobbyists from around the world have done it. 

Fix Sewing Machines Correspondence Institute is a complete program of sewing machine repair instruction, business instruction, professional resources, and professional support. There is no other program available today that provides the independent sewing machine repair technician so much instruction and support.

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Sewing Machine Technician

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Fix Sewing Machines Institute.

Sewing Machine Repair Certification

As a business person, you understand the importance of credibility. This is what certification is all about - credibility.

When customers see that you are certified, they feel sure that you are a professional who understands their needs. It gives them confidence in you. It tells your customers that you can solve their problems in a highly skilled professional manner.

After less than 30 days 
Joshua M. writes: 
"Dr. Trumble, Thanks for your feed back. Here is the final exam.
The local quilt shops are excited to have a repair man close by.
I am also working on getting an associates degree in business management,
this course is a great starting point, and I have been enjoying it thoroughly. 
The Certificates I have received are awesome, the wife loves them. 
Thanks, Joshua Meserve"

Certification Program
Everything Here:

Seven Courses for sewing machine repair and serger repair

Pro Training Series Part I -- Over 4,000 Pages On DVD
Cost Separately Over $1,400  As A Set Cost $99.99

Pro Training Series Part II -- "TIMINGS"
On 6 DVD's Including 268 Page Text Book, Workbook, And 12 Videos.
Bought Separately $169.99

Complete Video Training Program 5 DVD Videos
Value $200+ Cost $79.99

Huge Resource Collection
Thousands Of Technical Manuals
& Technical Bulletins
6 DVDs

Value $4,000 Cost $399.99

Practical Hands On Support
Testing, Reviews, Assignments, Practical Applications
Personal Coaching Program
AdvancedTechnical Support Program
Mounted Certificate
Value $1175

60 Day Guarantee

Puchase Each Collection Separately At $749.99

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Certification is not about legalities. Legally you may not need a license to do sewing machine repair. But, certification assures your customers that you are the right professional to serve them. Simply, certification gives you credibility.

The certification program provides broad reaching instruction on sewing machine repair including all the basics of mechanical, electronic, and computerized sewing machines. Plus it teaches specialized techniques for the repair of antique sewing machines, sergers, and embroidery machines.

The certification program also provides vital instruction on how to build your own sewing machine repair business. It teaches you how to sell sewing machines. It reveals the complete business development of your own sewing machine store including acquiring your dealerships, inventories, and business plan.

Certification Program By Correspondence

The Certification Program includes the following items and requirements.

Seven Courses for sewing machine repair and serger repair

The Pro Training Instructional Courses Part I
Seven Vital Sewing Machine Repair Courses
A $1400 Value

 Cost $99.99

(See Pro Package)

The Pro Training Instructional Courses Part II
"TIMINGS" Course On Timing Sewing Machines
On Six DVDs With Text Book, Workbook, And Twelve Videos
Cost $169.99

5 DVD Video Training Program A $200 Value
Cost $79.99

Vast Technical Resource Collection
A $4,000 Vaue

Practical Applications Program & Technical Support
Value $1179.00

Certification Program
Includes Everything Above


Participants in the program  study their textbook and complete workbook lessons associated with various sewing machine repair ecourses, and submit the their notes for review.

While studying the text materials, the student views related video trainings making the content easier to understand and retain.

Also the student has available a vast collection of related resources to help deepen and broaden the learning process.

Submission are evaluated and returned to the participant with notes, comments, and suggestions. 

Participants complete  prescribed services and repairs on sewing machines, take digital photos of specified steps, and submit them for review.

learn sewing machine repair through practical hands on instructions on machines like these - pics

Upon completion of each section or ecourse, a certificate of completion is awarded to the student.  This certificate is suitable for framing and professional display.

The results demonstrate competence.  This practicuum guides the student to complete repairs and certifies those repairs.  The student learns how to make essential sewing machine adjustments and perform complete sewing tests on each machine. 


Sewing Machine Technician's Certification Exam
Value $75.00

Following completion of all coursework and practical service exercises, the participant receives a Certification Exam to be completed and submitted for grading.  The Sewing Machine Technician's Certification Exam is a broad exam covering all the major points of concern to the sewing machine technician.  This exam has been developed by professionals who do sewing machine repair on a regular basis on a wide range of machines.

Technical Support & Coaching
Value $800.00+

Participants receive one year of personal and professional coaching and technical support

Over the course of time you will receive one on one coaching sessions by telephone in the comfort of your own home.  These coaching sessions are designed to answer your questions, customize the program, give you the tools and confidence you need to operate your own sewing machine repair business. 

In addition to the direct coaching, you will have unlimited email support with your mentor. 

Professionally Mounted Certificate
Value $99.00

Upon Completion of All Requirements each student will receive a laminated certification card proving the graduate is a Certified Sewing Machine Technician.  A beautifully mounted diploma will also be delivered to the candidate with their name prominently displayed.  This is a certificate plaque you will be proud to display. 


Similar programs in other areas of endeavor cost from $6,500 and up.  Since there is no other program as comprehensive as this one available for the independent sewing machine repair technician, the value may be even more.  However, the cost of the complete certification program is only $599.95.  This includes everything discussed above: including the complete Pro Training Series Part I and II.

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Limited Time Special
Complete Certification Program Includes:
  TOTAL VALUE: OVER $6500.00

If Each Item Were Purchased Separately:
Pro Training Package I Value $1400.00
Pro Training Part II - TIMINGS  Value $169.99
Video Training Value $79.99
Repair Manuals Collections
 Vol. A-F Value $4,000+
Practical Applications Program Value $800.00
Certification Exam Value $75.00
Certificates & Certification As A
Certified Sewing Machine Repair Technician

  Puchase Each Collection Separately At $749.99

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If for any reason you are not satisfied within 30 days, I will refund your money no questions asked. This is a solid guarantee. You will love becoming a certified independent sewing machine technician.

If you have already purchased the Pro Package at $99.99, you may deduct the full purchase price from the cost of the certification package. 

To do so, email me at and provide the original purchase number and date. Or call me at (512) 487-1056

I will then send you a special Buy Now Button with your special pricing. 

Since you are purchasing on PayPal you can take as long as you wish to pay off your investment.  Potentially your business will pay for itself in a matter of week.

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