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7 Steps To Peak Performance
Free Beginner's Course In
Sewing Machine Repair.
How To Maintain Your Own Sewing Machine.
Get Peak Performance From Your Sewing Machine.
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7 Steps
To Peak Performance

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This is a free seven lesson sewing machine repair ecourse designed to teach basics of threading, tension adjustment, care and cleaning - general servicing, and trouble shooting. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. These secrets will enable you to keep your sewing machine running smoothly for a long long time.


 "Diane and Ray Berckes write,
"Both my wife and I studied your 7 Steps, then proceeded to cleaned, adjusted, and oiled both machines following the steps... They both work now, and we saved $150.00 or more....You showed us the way and saved us money."

This ecourse is designed for the sewing machine user who wants to keep their sewing machine in peak condition and maintain it between professional services. 

It is delivered in individual lessons by email link to download beginning with the Introduction, then Lessons 1-7, the Conclusion, and finally a composite ebook packaged conveniently together for you.

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