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Home Sewing Machine Repair.

Ages ago, sewing machine repair men would do Home Sewing Machine Repair.   They would actually go to the customer’s home.  They would take their tools, cleaning supplies, and sewing supplies.  They would do Home Sewing Machine Repair.  They were viewed like a Medical Doctor for the sewing machine.  Like the Doctor, the sewing machine repair man would do Home Sewing Machine Repair.

Home Sewing Machine Repair belongs to the ages past.  Today, sewing machine repair is done at sewing machine repair centers.   It is done in sewing machine stores.   It may even take weeks to get your sewing machine repaired. 

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Why is Home Sewing Machine Repair no longer done?  There are many reasons.  The reasons are much like those of the Doctor who no longer visits homes.  Home visits are expensive.   Home visits often require multiple visits to resolve problems.  Home visits require huge amounts of time.  For example, it takes an average of two hours to properly service a sewing machine in the shop.  He ends up wasting time.   He takes time on travel, getting lost, finding the right location, and repeat visits.   In the shop, the technician has all the supplies, tools, and parts needed to do the job right.  Home Sewing Machine Repair is problematic.  The technician cannot carry everything he needs.   Today there are also security issues to consider.

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In a major city, one sewing machine repair man has an unorthodox business plan.  He prepared a van as a mobile sewing machine and vacuum cleaner shop.  He built a workbench into the van.  He set up an air compressor.  He set up parts storage in the van.   He advertised widely for Home Sewing Machine Repair.  

He registered with Better Business Bureau. He obtained a bond which he advertised it to give potential customers peace about his doing Home Sewing Machine Repair.   He offered Home Sewing Machine Repair.   To defray the expenses of travel, he charged a substantial per visit charge.  This charge made a standard service nearly twice the regular rate for sewing machine repair in his town. 

There is another way to get Home Sewing Machine Repair.   It is by doing your own Home Sewing Machine Repair.  As a sewing machine user, you need to know how to maintain your own sewing machine.  You need to understand the basics of threads, needles, and tensions.  With this knowledge, you will be able to do your own Home Sewing Machine Repair. 

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Yes, there are some limitations.  The vast majority of sewing machines give trouble because they have not been properly maintained.   Only a small percentage of sewing machines that come into the sewing machine shop are actually broken.   A standard sewing machine service fixes about eighty percent of sewing machine problems.  

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You can learn how to do your own Home Sewing Machine Repair.   You can discover the secrets of maintaining your sewing machine in peak operating condition.  You can learn how to repair your sewing machine yourself.    Discover how to do Home Sewing Machine Repair by taking a sewing machine repair course.  Check out “7 Steps To Peak Performance” and “My Magnificent Sewing Machine”.

Home Sewing Machine Repair.