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Instructions Threading Sewing Machine.

Many sewers struggle with tangled threads, irregular tensions, and problems threading their sewing machine. Without thread there is no sewing. Thread is an essential. The sewing machine uses thread to join fabrics together. The user needs Instructions Threading Sewing Machine.

Instructions Threading Sewing Machine teach the user how to thread.  They teach upper and lower threads accurately to produce a smooth flowing thread line. When threads move through the sewing machine properly, the thread forms stitches with balanced tensions.

Some threads are used to fill the bobbin. The bobbin is placed in a bobbin carrier under the needle plate. Instructions Threading Sewing Machine reveal that the bobbin thread must be smoothly wound on the bobbin without being overly tight or having loops. The thread must then flow under the bobbin tensioner.

Instructions Threading Sewing Machine pic.

Instructions Threading Sewing Machine teaches the user to thread the upper thread.  It teaches careful placement of  the spool of thread on the spool pin so that it does not snag. When the thread spools off the spool, it sometimes snags or hangs up. This prevents the thread from flowing through the upper mechanism of the sewing machine properly.

Horizontal spool pins require the use of a spool cap of the correct size to prevent snags. Vertical spool pins near the bottom or base of the machine, often use thread net for the same purpose.

The upper thread must trail across the top of the sewing machine from right to left. Thread guides are mounted on top of the machine and sometimes toward the back. Instructions Threading Sewing Machine demand that the thread be properly threaded through each and every thread guide.

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Instructions Threading Sewing Machine gives warnings.  Avoid wrapping the upper thread around the bobbin winder tensioner.  This is a common error.  Many sewing machines wind the bobbin on top of the sewing machine and the thread guides and tension assembly for bobbin winding are easily confused with the proper thread guides. 

The upper thread flows from the last upper thread guide down to the tensions assembly. The tension assembly may be surface mounted on the front of the machine or hidden within the covers.

Thread the upper thread with the presser foot always up. This will allow the thread to slide between the two metal tension discs that provide tension to the upper thread. Guide the upper thread through the tension assembly, over the tensioning spring, up over the sewing machine take up lever.

Instructions Threading Sewing Machine pic 3.

Draw the thread down from the take up lever through any additional thread guides to the tip of the needle. Thread the needle. Lightly tug on the thread after threading the needle to make sure that it flows smoothly. Drop the presser foot and test the thread flow again for resistance on the thread line.

Instructions Threading Sewing Machine explains bobbin threading.  It explains how lower thread is draw up through the hole in the needle plate.  The needle draws the upper thread down through the eye of the needle where the hook snatches the upper thread and wraps it around the bobbin.  As the needle draws the thread up, it drags the bobbin thread along behind.

Instructions Threading Sewing Machine.