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The Mysteries
Of Serger Repair

 Mysteries of Serger Repair

Discover How To Repair Sergers.

For many people sergers seem mysterious and foreboding,
but no more. 

Now you can go inside the serger to master
its most subtle features. 

Now you can insure top quality stitches. 
Now you can learn to adjust and repair any serger.


I operated my sewing machine repair business from my garage for almost six months when a customer brought me my first serger to fix.  I tried not to let the customer know, but I felt real panic.  We had a commercial Juki serger at the time, and about all I knew about sergers was that there were a real pain.  Suddenly, I was faced with a big challenge.

I started out treating the machine as if it were an ordinary sewing machine.  Boy was that a mistake.  Before I knew what was happening, I had the pile of parts all over my work bench and had no clue what to do next.  Finally, I packed it all up and drove fify miles where my sewing machine mentor worked.  He quickly showed me how to make the adjustments that were required and soon I was back in more comfortable territory.

After learning how to repair sewing machines, I still needed to learn serger repair.  As the years have passed, sergers have become much less of a mystery and much easier to repair.  

Now you can bypass the mysteries and go straight to the essentials of serger repair.  This training manual and all the added bonuses give you a solid foundation for serger repair.  Soon you can enjoy the thrill of servicing and repairing your own serger as well as all your customers.

This ebook describes step by step how to thread, adjust tensions, balance stitches, maintain quality stitches, adjust timings, and make the necessary repairs to keep the serger performing marvelously.

The ebook itself has over 200 pages full of instructions, illustrations, drawings, and photos.  By it self it is well worth twice the price, but the bonuses provided make this package a steel.


David:  Thanks so much.  The course has helped me tremendously, and I even have other dealers coming to me to repair sergers.  Thanks.

Bob Wight
Canton Quilt Corner


Mysteries Of Serger Repair Workbook 
Serger Workbook

This step by step workbook guides you through the 200 page Mysteries Of Serger Repair ebook.
It maximizes learning and focuses
the user on essential information.
Make notes and reminders to assist you
during your own serger repairs.

Value $19.95

  Serger Repair
Troubleshooting Guide

The Troubleshooting Guide leads you through the maze of problems and solutions to pinpoint
the actual adjustments and repairs
needed for your serger.

Value $19.95

 Serger Repair Manual


This treasured collection of classic serger manuals is a vital resource for every serger technician.  It includes Singers, Brothers, Baby Locks, and more. Some of these manuals are unavailable anywhere else.  They reveal exacty what screw to turn for dozens of critical adjustments and repairs.
Value $200.00



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(214 pages) This textbook reveals the secrets of serger repair in a beautiful spiral bound print edition. $49.99


 (214 pages)  This textbook reveals the secrets of serger repair in a beautiful spiral bound print edition.  Hold it you hands while you read and study.  Then access the full course content on CD and discover three times more instruction, reference, and resource content.  $89.99