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Platinum Technical Support Program

Regular: Set Up $75.00 & $30.00 Per Month (Tech Support Without Purchase Of A Training Program.) As a special bonus for your purchase of the Pro Package, you are receiving a Free 90 Day Trial Subscription to Fix Sewing Machines Planinum Technical Support Program.

There are two crucial features of Technical Support Program:
Email Support and National Service Center support.

Email Technical Support

Providing speedy, accurate, and effective technical support requires that the subscribing technician provide as much information as possible for our technicians to diagnose the problem and provide potential solutions.
The following steps are needed to process your request for technical support through email.

1. Your name, address, email address, and phone number.

2. The Make and Model Number of the suspect machine.

3. Your detailed description of the problem as you see it. Your specific
questions, steps you have already taken, and other comments that
you feel might be helpful.

4. Digital photos of the front of the machine, the suspect areas of the
machine, and any angles that may be helpful.

Submit the above information by email
with the attached photos.

A technician will reply within 24 hours.
Subscription covers sewing machines, sergers,
embroidery machines, and blind hemmers.

Responses to technical support items may include questions from the
technician, a series of tests to perform, instructions, or other descriptions to assist you in your repair efforts.


Phone follow up is free for the first 30 minutes per month (Charged at $0.50 per minute therafter). Our technicians are not liable for any repair issues derived from their recommendations.

If the subscriber can not effect repairs, they may ship the machine to our National Sewing Machine Repair Center for wholesale repair services.

This is What You Get
Unlimited  Expert Technical Support By Email
On A Wide Range Of Sewing Machine Equipment
Home Sewing Machines, Sergers,
Embroidery Machines, and Blind Hemmers.

Expert Technical Support By Phone
National Sewing Machine Repair Center Access

Subscription Cost
$14.95 Per Month Or $139.95


  $14.95 Monthly


Annual Subscription $139.95


You may unsubscribe to your Technical Support Program at any time.