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Repairing Sewing Machines.

Who should be Repairing Sewing Machines?

Your answer to this question depends on how you feel about doing mechanical things.
Do you struggle with  using an electric can opener to open a can?

Maybe you should not consider Repairing Sewing Machines.
Do you struggle to tie your shoes, cook dinner, or adjust your TV?

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You probably should not do Repairing Sewing Machines. 

In this case, look to your local professional Repairing Sewing Machines Technician especially if you live in a major metropolitan area. 

Certainly sewing machine repair needs to be done properly.  A professional can be depended upon to do Repairing Sewing Machines properly.

On the other hand, do you enjoy how things work? 

Do you like tinkering with gadgets?

Do it yourself Repairing Sewing Machines may be an exciting hobby perfect for you.
Repairing Sewing Machines can be done by a woman or a man or even a teenager.   There is no limit on age or gender.   
You can quickly and quite easily learn how to Repairing Sewing Machines.

Discover how to do your own Repairing Sewing Machines.
Even learn how to do Repairing Sewing Machines for money.   Yes, you could do Repairing Sewing Machines as a profitable business.

So, the answer to the question, “Who should Repairing Sewing Machines?” depends entirely on your interests and desire.

What do you need to Repairing Sewing Machines?

To do Repairing Sewing Machines, you will need a few things.  You will need a good basic tool set.  This will includ a variety of screw drivers, pliers, sockets set, socket drivers, cleaning brushes, wrenches, and a small hammer.
You will also need basic sewing supplies.  This will  include thread, test fabric, scissors, thread snips, needles, and pure clean sewing machine oil.

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You will also need Repairing Sewing Machines information and training. You will need specialized instruction in a Repairing Sewing Machines course. You will need a few sewing machine repair manuals and parts manuals.
You might even start your own Repairing Sewing Machines business.  You will need a step by step guide to setting up your own Repairing Sewing Machines business.

Some models of sewing machines require specialized tools for specific repairs.  Most do not.  They are generally not necessary for general Repairing Sewing Machines.

For example, many Bernina sewing machines use special pinning tools to set the hook needle timing. If you become a certified Bernina dealer, you will need the tools.  Otherwise, you probably will not.

Certain far less common repairs may be performed more easily with specialized tools.  However, there are ways around such problems.

You will want to build positive working relationships with other Repairing Sewing Machines Technicians.  Most major cities have a Repairing Sewing Machines Shop.  You can seek their assistance with special problems.

You may even get your friend to do the repair for a wholesale charge.  Then you can make a profit on the repair. This is far more common than you might think. Also, no once can know it all.  No matter how good you get at Repairing Sewing Machines there more to learn.  There are just some machines that pose seemingly insurmountable problems.

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For example, recently I was working on a forty year old Pfaff that was locked up tight. I tried every trick I could think of, and it was still stuck tight.

I turned the repair over to my mentor and business partner Steve. Now you must understand that he “cut his teeth” on this model thirty years ago.

Repairing Sewing Machines pic3.

Anyway, he did something I had never seen or done before. He took a torch and “warmed” up the parts and joint where the machine was frozen solid. “Wow! It worked.” It only took about fifteen minutes.

There is no shame in realizing you may need help from time to time.

Repairing Sewing Machines.