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Sewing Machine Business Courses

You can make money in your own sewing machine business by learning sewing machine repair.

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Your Own Sewing Machine Repair Business:
Right from you own home with no overhead.

You can begin by servicing sewing machines in your own garage or on your kitchen table. You do not need expensive specialty tools. You do not need a college education. You do need basic sewing machine repair knowledge, skill, and the willingness to promote yourself.

Imagine This
Services Per Week (10-12 Hours)

You Charge $80 per machine.
You earn 
$400 per week
$20,800 per year.
This Is No Scam! 
This is no get rich scheme.

This is a simple doable home business.

If you really knew
how to repair sewing machines,
do you think you could find
5 machines to service in your town? 
What about friends, neighbors, people at church?
What if -- 10 -- 15 machines a week?

 Bill Thompson
Fort Wayne, Ind

You said I could make a living doing sewing machine repair, but I had no idea how quick and fun it could be.  Your couses guided me through step by step.  I took exactly 45 days to profit.  Only 28 days to my first paid repair.  Thanks for helping me.


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Selling Sewing Machines

Imagine that you pick up a few broken sewing machines at garage sales or auctions.  You take them home, and fix them up.  Do you suppose you might be able to sell those used sewing machines?  Do you suppose you could make some money doing it?

Imagine that you have one customer out of a hundred that would prefer to purchase a brand new sewing machine instead of struggling with their old worn out one.  Could you sell them a new machine? 

Sure.  And you could make good money selling those new and used sewing machines.

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Now Imagine Having Your Own
Sewing Machine Store

You could open your own sewing machine dealership.  Sell and repair sewing machines.  There are huge possibilities and opportunities for your own sewing machine store business.

You may be able to establish a sub-dealership under another sewing machine dealer.  This way your costs to get started are very small.

Or you could purchase a sewing machine dealership and open your own sewing machine store.



7 Strategies For Success
"You Are A Winner"

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Discover the secrets of personal, professional, and business success. Plan and act with confidence. Become the person you always wanted to be. This dynamic audio presentation reveals practical secrets you can apply everyday.

Life Long
Customer Relations

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Dr. David Trumble reveals how you can connect with your customer.  In just a few minutes you can build the kind of relationship with your customers that last year after year.  Listen to the dynamic audio presentation and discover how to tap the full life time value of each customer. 


How To Make
Profit With Fabrics

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Fabric stores come and go.  Many sewing machine store owners believe it is impossible to really make profit with fabrics.  Now, however, you will have the tools to turn fabric into dollars.  Dr. David Trumble will inspire you with exciting things you can do to make profit with fabrics. 

Point Of Sale Management
Video Training

Point of Sale

How To Manage Customers
Inventory, Leads, Repairs, And Sales.

Value $49.95

 300 Things You Can Do

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Is your biggest problem finding and keeping customers? Customer traffic challenges every business, but now you will have an abundant source of practical ideas you can do now. Generate hundreds of new customers and keep them coming back. Dr. David Trumble reveals over 300 Things You Can Do Now.


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