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Sewing Machine Repair Money.
Just How Much Money Can You Make Doing Sewing Machine Repair?


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A career as a sewing machine technician is not necessarily a straight line career path.   There are many different paths.  Each path produces different returns.  Sewing Machine Repair Money will not be exactly the same.

One track is to work as an assistant sewing machine technician under another technician.  This kind of apprenticeship situation is often the easiest way to learn the basics.  As an assistant, you can expect to earn minimum wage or slightly better.  

Sewing Machine Repair Money.   How much money can a sewing machine repair person make?

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Your wages depend on your perceived value.

You should develop strong sewing machine repair skills.  Do a thorough job on each and every sewing machine.  Then expect your boss to respect your work and reward you accordingly.  

A technician who is highly proficient and working as a lead technician for a sewing machine store can expect wages of between $40,000 and $60,000.   If you join a national or regional repair center for a sewing machine company, you may expect wages as high as $80,000.  These positions are however few and far between.

Sewing Machine Repair Money.   How much money can a sewing machine repair person make?

A second track is to work as an independent sewing machine technician.  You could begin by working out of your garage, offer your kitchen table, or shop.  

Sewing Machine Repair Money.   How much money can a sewing machine repair person make?

Working from your garage in a moderate size town, you could service a few sewing machines on weekends and eventually build up a clientele. Typical rates for sewing machine services vary considerably.  The standard tune up or full service runs from $65 to  $125.   

When a sewing machine comes in for service, it is presumed that it included a standard tune up.   A quick fix without thorough cleaning and adjustments leaves a sewing machine vulnerable to many other problems.   In cases when a machine has recently been service, you may offer a minimum bench fee of $45.  

When a machine needs replacement parts, the parts are sold at retail, but purchased at wholesale.  This gives you more sewing machine repair money.  When a machine requires a major repair such as replacing gears, add an hourly service rate to the full service fee.  This applies to any extended repair. 

For example.   You charge eighty dollars per sewing machine full service.  You  do only three sewing machines per week.  You earn $240 per week.   Add on charges for parts and extended labor services, the average charge could run an additional twenty percent.    That translates to almost $15,000 annually. 

How much sewing machine money can you make per hour? 
For example.  You take two hours to complete a standard tune up on average.  You work twenty hours per week.  You can service ten sewing machines per week. 

 That translates to $800 per week plus add on charges of $160 weekly .  That  totals $960 weekly.  That gives you an annual income of  just a bit short of $50,000.  

How much sewing machine repair money can you make per hour? 

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Now you worked 20 hours for that $960.  That means you earned close to $50.00 per hour.  However, consider a wide range of variables.  Maybe you only end up earning $20 per hour.  Or Maybe you earn $30 per hour.  For a part time business, that is pretty good.

Yes, you can expect an ebb and flow of machines to service. 

Make arrangements with other business owners such as quilt shop owners or fabric shop owners.   Allow them to serve as drop off points, and pay them a small fee for each machine – say  $5.00.  You charge $80, and pay the shop keeper $5.00.  That means you receive a total of $75 per machine.  This could add another ten sewing machines per week.  ($750.00 weekly.)  Your possibilities are huge.  Your skills and your promotion determine how much sewing machine repair money you can make.

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You may grow your business to the point that you choose to become a sewing machine dealer.  You could open your own sewing machine retail store.  Your sewing machine services will greatly increase.  You will benefit from your sales.   A single store in a moderate sized community should produce  gross sales of a quarter million dollars annually. 

The goal for the year  is to produce $250 per square foot of leased commercial space.  If you rent a store space of 1,000 square feet, you should work toward producing $250,000.  The more space you lease and fill with product, the more you need to produce in sales.

Sewing Machine Repair Money.
Just How Much Money Can You Make Doing Sewing Machine Repair?