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Who should take a sewing machine repair course?

Every sewing machine user needs a basic course in sewing machine use and care. It prevents problems and relieves stress.

Many sewers will want to keep their machines in peak condition and do their own sewing machine repair tune ups every few months.

Many people just love tinkering and when you understand the sewing machine, it can be very satisfying to fix sewing machines. You may fix you own. You may fix your spouses machines. You may fix machines for a church or other sewing or quilting group. You may do sewing machine repair for neighbors and friends. There are many many opportunities.

Some will launch exciting home based businesses doing sewing machine repair. This can be a very profitable part time or full time business.

Some will want to launch their own sewing machine store selling and servicing sewing machines. The potential to build a half million dollar a year or even a million dollar a year sewing machine store business is very doable.

Where do I get sewing machine repair parts?

There are several aftermarket sewing machine repair parts supply houses including Tacony Corporation and Pd Sixty.

You can usually purchase parts directly from an authorized sewing machine dealer. In some cases this may require paying full retail, but if you are actively doing sewing machine repair business, you may get a discounted price.

You may be able to purchase directly from the manufacturer or distributor. For example, Kenmore parts are only available through Sears Repair Center.


What tools do I need to do sewing machine repair?

Generally, you need basic hand tools. A good set of screw drivers, wrenches, and pliars are essential. You may need specialized machines if you find that you are working on a specific brand of machines. For example, if you plan to work on Berninas, it would be good to get a set of pinning tools. Some older machines required special tools that you may need to make yourself. These specialty tools are used very infrequently.

Where can I get help with problem sewing machines?

After you learn the basics, you will be able to repair most sewing machines. However, there are always exceptions to the rule.

In the Sewing Machine Repair Secrets Course and the Antique Sewing Machine Repair Course, you will find detailed instructions. The huge collection of Sewing Machine Manuals that comes with the My Magnificent Sewing Machine sewing machine repair course provides you with a vast amount of resources.

Practical suggetion, after you get the basics under your belt. Make friends with the other sewing machine repair people in your area even if they are 75 miles away. Seek out one as a mentor and let them know you appreciate their assistance. In many cases, an experienced technician will do difficult repairs for you at a wholesale price. They may even tell you how to do the job, so you can do it yourself.

If you find yourself really stumped, feel free to ship the machine to our Killeen Sew And Quilt store and we will assist you at wholesale rates plus shipping.