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Learn sewing machine repair.  Fix sewing machines in your spare time or full time.  Learn how to repair older mechanical machines and today's advanced computer sewing machines.

How does a sewing machine work?  Now learn the secrets of sewing machine repair.

Master sewing machine repair techniques and procedures.  Follow checklists and instructions.  Sewing machine repair courses teach you the secrets of how to adjust old sewing machines and new ones.  


                       Tom McCoy, Arizona
My wife has three old sewing machines that just never worked.  We had them in the shop all the time.  After taking your ecourse,  I have all three running great.    I tried another online course, but yours is the real deal.  Thanks.

                      Phil Simpson, Michigan
With the economy sour, I didn't know what to do.  I took the gamble and bought your Pro course.  That was 6 months ago.  Because of your course I now have a great business right out of my garage and I am making as much money now as I was before being laid off. 


My Magnificent Sewing Machine answers your sewing machine repair questions.  It gives you detailed step by step instruction and easy to understand directions. (Including vivid photos).  

10 Essential Sewing Machine Systems.

You will learn how the electrical power is transformed into kinetic energy. You will see how it is directed across the upper shaft, and down the vertical levers.  Finally, you will understand how the energy drives across the lower shafts.  Learn how the sewing machine drives the needle up and down in perfect time with the feed dogs and hook assembly.  Discover how the stitches are actually formed inside your sewing machine.  Learn what produces a perfect stitches when you sew.

You Don't Need A College Degree
or Years of Experience.

You don’t need to be some super genius.  You don’t need expensive tools either.  What you do need is this sewing machine repair course.  You need a little practice, a few basic hand tools, and a little common sense.  Soon you will be able to service, maintain, and repair the vast majority of sewing machines with ease.

10 Critical Sewing Machine Adjustments

Master the 10 critical sewing machine adjustments.  Explore threading, tensions, balance, feed, timing, stitch selection, and stitch adjustments and much more.  Master the 49 Point Full Service Check Up.

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My Magnificent Sewing Machine  uncovers potential sewing machine repair problems.  It reveals the secrets of keeping your sewing machine in top condition.  It answers your sewing machine questions.  These Sewing Machine Tech Courses enable you to take care of your own sewing machines.  Soon you can be the local sewing machine repair expert in your town.


Just wanted to say thanks.  Your course is the best. I opened my business three weeks after I started, and it is going great. 

Fred Agnew
Agnew Sewing Machine Repair


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Ø  Discover how your sewing machine really works. 

Ø   Learn the 10 Systems  & 10 Critical Adjustments.

Ø  Step by Step How To Instructions.

Ø Save Hundreds of $$$ in Repair Charges.

Ø   Learn Threading, Tensions, Timing.

Ø   Learn how to do a Full Service Tune Up. 

Ø Start Your Own Profitable Sewing Machine Repair Business Today!

Ø       Illustrations & Photos   Step by step illustrations guide you to success.  See key ideas simplified by easy to understand charts. 

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