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Sewing Machine Repair

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Trumble Enterprises
1102 S. Austin Ave. Suite110-194
Georgetown, Tx 78626
Dr. David Trumble

Killeen Sew And Quilt
Mr. Jeremiah Trumble, Sr. Technician
2201 South W.S. Young Dr. Ste. 111C

Killeen, Texas 76543

We are here to provide sewing machine repair support when you need it. When you face a problem sewing machine, do not tell your customer that you just can't fix it. They may well go to your competitor and get it fixed. This can cost you big time.

Instead, get help with your problem sewing machine repair. It is always good to have a local expert technician to turn to, but when you need help. We are here for you.

We are not currently set up to provide technical support over the phone or internet. We are still here for you.

In those rare cases when you need someone to repair a problem sewing machine for you, we are here for you. When you face a machine that just won't fix, we are here for you.

The way we can best help you is to provide sewing machine repair at wholesale costs to you as a business. This way you can make a little profit off the repair, and satisfy the customer at the same time.

Sewing Machine Repair
By Mail.

Need Sewing Machine Repair By Mail?
Our professional sewing machine repair technicians
 can do the job for you.

Beginning a sewing machine repair business is exciting and sometimes challenging. There is that occasional sewing machine that just won't fix. All of us who repair sewing machines understand. For this reason we want to provide you the support you need when you need it.

We Service All Brands.
If the machine can not be fixed due to any reason,
you will owe nothing except shipping.

Sewing Machine Repair is our business. We do sewing machine repair in our Sew And Quilt Stores in Central Texas. We have a full staff of highly skilled, certified, and experienced sewing machine technicians. Together our technical staff has over 50 years of combined experience. Our lead technicians have trained many sewing machine technicians over the years.

We only provide sewing machine repair services at wholesale rates to other sewing machine dealers or sewing machine repair businesses. If you need to use our sewing machine repair by mail service, we will be happy to assist you at normal retail rates.

When you have a sewing machine that you need repaired, we are here for you. Package the sewing machine securely and ship it to:

Killeen Sew And Quilt
2201 South W.S. Young Dr. Ste. 111C
Killeen, Texas 76543

Please include complete contact details. Include Name, Business Name, Address, State, Zip, Phone Number, Email Address, Your FEIN number, and a detailed description of the problems you are having with the sewing machine.

When the sewing machine arrives, we will identify the problems and repair the sewing machine for you. If we encounter what we believe to be excessive expenses, we will call you with the details. If you are doing Sewing Machine Repair as a business, we will only charge you our wholesale rates. You are responsible for shipping both ways.

Our Wholesale Rates.
Standard Service $65.00
Wholesale Hourly $65.00
Parts At Wholesale Rates Plus S&H.

Keep in mind that our Killeen Sew And Quilt Store is extremely busy with hundreds of sewing machine repairs, sewing classes, and a constant flow of retail customers. Should you require a phone contact, you may call the Killeen Store and ask for Jeremiah. He is the store manager and lead technician. He is also usually doing three things at once. The store phone number is (254) 616-2200.