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Sewing Machine
Self Repair.

Have you ever wished you could do Sewing Machine Self Repair?

Maybe you have even tried to do Sewing Machine Self Repair.

Here is a little story of how I got started doing Sewing Machine Self Repair.

Many years ago, my wife Donna was upset because her sewing machine was just not working.  She had tried everything, but it just did not help.  She was about to pull her hair out.   That is when I made a big mistake.  Hearing her outcries, I went to see what was wrong.   Wow!  I learned quick what was wrong.  Yes, I tried doing Sewing Machine Self Repair, but I was in over my head.

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Since then, I discovered even more.  My wife is not the only sewing machine user who ever gets frustrated with their sewing machines.  I also learned.  W when the sewing machine is not working properly, nothing in all the world works the way it should.   Every sewing machine user wants an instant fix it for sewing machines.  

I wished that I knew Sewing Machine Self Repair, but I didn’t.

Unfortunately, the incident occurred.  We lived many miles from the nearest sewing machine repair shop.  We were also short on money.   Did you know that the average cost of a standard sewing machine service is now $99 and up? 

So, I decided to be the helpful husband.   I stepped in and started tinkering with the sewing machine.  Now, you must understand, I knew nothing at the time.  I knew nothing about sewing machines.  I knew nothing about sewing machine repair.   I was like a brain surgeon with a blind fold over my eyes.   

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Yes, we ended up packing up her sewing machine.  We drove from our small town into the big city.  We went to get the sewing machine looked at by a real sewing machine technician.  

When we arrived, I carried the sewing machine into the sewing machine repair shop.  I set it on the bench.   Donna began explaining what the machine was doing.   I was so frustrated.  Donna was frustrated.  The day of the broken sewing machine seemed like doomsday.

Then I watched.  The technician looked over Donna’s sewing machine.  He opened the  bottom cover and the needle plate.  He monkeyed around inside for just a second or two, and said, “That’s it.”  He charged us $20. We were on our way home.

I kept thinking to myself, “Why couldn’t I do that?”  

Then I realized, I could -- if I knew how to do Sewing Machine Self Repair.  

This was the beginning of my sewing machine repair career.  Over the years, I have done Sewing Machine Self Repair.  And I learned to service all brands in my own sewing machine store.   The journey was filled with exploration, failure, and discovery.  

Today, I have even written a series of sewing machine repair courses available at .   My course entitled, “My Magnificent Sewing Machine” is comprehensive.  It reveals the secrets of how to successfully do Sewing Machine Self Repair.   Now you too can do Sewing Machine Self Repair.   You can save hundreds of dollars while keeping your sewing machines operating at peak performance.

Sewing Machine
Self Repair.