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Emily Barnhart:

Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful schematics because they help a lot in identifying the parts. You are awesome for doing that!!

I not only figured out how to get the back off, I have been removing parts from it to sell on ebay.  The screw to release the back on a Viking 190 is in the back center below the handle.  If it is not completely tight the machine will not sew either.  I got the back off by lifting straight up after loosening the screw.  It was a mess inside. 

I now can clean out my other Viking 190.  Thanks so much for what you do!


I have been able to help a lot of people out by being able to do basic repairs.  I appreciate all you have done in making that possible.  Blessings to you! Emily


Phillip Maine
Chiloquin, OREGON
Just thought I would tell you that your help has saved Kleos Children's Community more then 700 dollars in sewing machine repairs.

Lily Thomas

I got an old Morse zig zag that was filthy, rusty, and beaten up at a yard sale for 50cents. It looked like I'd paid too much!  I had to use a breaker bar to free the machine as nothing else worked.  However, with help from your website, I was able to adjust the timing on the gear and on the needle bar, clean, re-oil, and sew with this fabulous machine!!  I sold it!!  Your ezines and help have been what got me interested in repairing sewing machines and really learning how to sew. 

I can't thank you enough for your help and encouragement!  


Sylvia Webb

Hi.  Thank  you very much for the ecourse I have learned a lot. In fact, i rebuilt my machine, and it works.  It  surprised me.  I didn't think I could pull it off.  Or should I say, put it together again.  When I started the machine refused to move at all.  Now it works and I'm proud of myself; but like I said, if it wasn't for your website I'd still be looking for a sewing machine.  I could never thank you enough.  Cash is very tight for me, and i couldnt efford to go out and buy one.  So I batered for the one I have.  Now the lady I got it from thought I was crazy.  Well today I called her to tell her I was sewing on that machine.  She told me she tried everything even had a professional look at it. They told her it was a lost cause. She was shocked or maybe she didn't believe me. So as soon as I can, I'm going to make her something to show her. 

Benjamin Roberts


"  I own a Thompson industrial sewing machine.  I had a problem with my sewing machine breaking the thread when I attempted to sew with it.  I took it to numerous sewing machine repair companies in the Dayton, Ohio area and all of them said that did not repair industrial sewing machines.  After I read your lesson on sewing machine needles, I ordered a new needle for may sewing machine.  Installation of the new needle solved my thread breaking problem.  My sewing machine now works very well.   Thanks for saving lots of $$$ on sewing machine repair.  Most of the companies which I contacted about repairing my sewing machine had a minimum service charge of approximately $80.00 for home or non-industrial sewing machines. Thank You."



Keith Frey, New York

"Hi David:  I took your seven free course... My wife has, in the last few months discovered sewing, She has three machines as of today..  One brother, Kenmore, and one old White that she found along the road... Since  taking your course I have adjusted and lubed all three and they all work great even the old one.. The old White has a serial no. dating back to the early 60's...  She also has a singer dating back to the 1930's It also works but needs a new power cord which I'm still looking for...  I am going to take your Pro course later this month... There is only one sewing machine Repair person in the entire Finger Lakes district of N.Y. and I enjoy fixing sewing machines it is are an escape from my computer repairs I've been doing since 1995...

* * * * *

George Michaels, Mississippi

I can't tell you how much I like your great stuff.  I tried two other ebooks from others online, and was very frusted.  Where they gave me a few pages and nothing usable, you gave me more than I could have hoped for.  Thank you.  I am studying the Antique book right now and working on an old Singer Treadle.  This is fun.


 * * * *


Ray And Diane Berckes,


"David, My wife and I want to thank you for the seven steps repair tips. My wife has a Bernina (took a year to pay for it). It is six years onl. We have had it cleaned and adjusted several times. It cost about $100 each time, and we had to travel a good distance to the repair shop. My wife also has a Singer we purchased used a few years ago. It did work fine. As it turns out both machines would sew about an inch or two. -- the thread breaks and the bottom thread jammed. Both my wife and I studied your 7 stpes, then proceeded to clean, adjusted, and oiled both machines following the steps outlined in your 7 steps repair tips. They both work fine now, and we saved $150.00 or more. My wife has been sewing for about 65 years. God her own Kenmore machine in 1952. She plain wore it out after 22 years. Since then she has had new, 2 Singers and a Viking. All expensive. The Singers were bad, bad. We are retired now (wife 79 & me 80) on a very limited income, you showed us the way and saved us money. Thank you. "


 * * * *


Rick DeWind  Akron  , OH 44333

 "David, my wife has six sewing machines which is a huge factor in my desire to learn sewing machine repair. I have been working on office equipment and for over 30 years and for 20 of that on high speed, high volume laser printers. I am also interested because many micro businesses being started through missionary organizations involve sewing. Hopefully I can use repair skills on short term mission trips in the future.  "

 * * * *

Ralph Hinderman, Georgia
"You offer a lot of great advice and suggestions. I started learning to repair my own sewing machine last year, and it has saved me hundreds of dollars! Thanks for the helpful information!"

 * * * *

Phill Lenderman, Eureka, California
"Between you and me, we made a church womens sewing group very happy.  These women make quilts, blankets, aprons, etc, to help support charities, from abused women to homeless.  Most of these women are on fixed incomes and cann't afford repair or cleaning of their machines. That's where you and I come in.  Again thank you."

 * * * *

Charles Barkley, Idaho  

"I have been a mechanic for several years, but auto mechanics are a dime a dozen.  Now, I am going to be the only Sewing Machine Mechanic in my town.  Thank you for your great book.  Not only does it explain how to turn what screw, it reveals why.  Thanks."




Don Wilson, Missouri


"I was skeptical, but your ebooks and resources are great.  There are literally thousands of pages of sewing machine repair tips, tricks, and stuff.  I could never have gotten my new job as a Sewing Machine Mechanic without your help.  I love repairing sewing machines in Peg's Sewing Shop."



Dorothy Gylfie, Oregon

"I have done sewing for many years, but tensions were always a problem.  Now I understand why.  Thank you for your excellent book.  It has helped me so much."

* * * *

Muriel McConnell, Illinois

"I love this book. The instructions are so clear and easy to understand. The pictures make it easy to see exactly what to do. "

 * * * *

 Marcia Smith

"Your sharing and generosity is unsurpassed.  Thank you."



"The e-book was wonderful!  So many great pictures with ideas. Thanks again, and I have read a lot of sewing and quilting books, but this was phenomenal.  Keep up the great work."



Helen,  Albany


"Hi!  I've been receiving your newsletters and I am finding them very informative and I always love patterns.  Thanks so much!   I love your ebooks."



Don Dontus Archibong


"Thanks for your book on top ten sewing tips, it was interesting and useful. I am new to sewing, but I intend to be a professional someday. I'll be delighted to get all your other e-books on sewing especially for beginners. Thanks."




Fred Jones, Alabama


"Down here people rely on themselves pritty much. Problem is, my wife's sewing machine was always a point of trouble. I told here to get a new one, but she refused. I tried to fix it a dozen times. I even took it 60 miles to a city sewing shop. -- This time I got it right. Thank you for showing me how to fix my wife's sewing machine. This was the best $40 I have spent in a long time."



Steven Stump, St. James Mo.


"I was afraid to throw my money away on stuff from the internet. But I am so glad I decided to buy your course. I am having so much fun. I fixed six machines last week in my garage. I actually made $400.00. Thank you for all your help."