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Singer Sewing Machine Antique Repairs.

Singer Sewing Machine Antique Repairs is the result of past successes by the Singer Company. 

Singer Sewing Machines opened the world of commercial and home sewing  during the early 1850’s.  Isaac Singer launched his sewing machine company.   

The sewing machine revolutionized clothing construction.  These now antique sewing machines made sewing faster. They made sewing more accurate.  They made sewing more dependable.  And they made sewing much less expensive.   Whole villages would pool their funds to purchase a single sewing machine.   Factories popped up everywhere.  Cottage industry thrived. 


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The sewing machine has changed since then. But the basics have remained essentially the same.   The antique sewing machines that we remember most fondly include the many models of treadle sewing machines.    Yet, there were hand crank sewing machines too.  There were sewing machines that used long bobbins in shuttles. Today we use the more modern bobbin and bobbin carriers. Singer Sewing Machine Antique Repairs has become the art of sewing machine repair and the art of refurbishing.

Unfortunately, with the advent of the now antique sewing machines came a demand for Singer Sewing Machine Antique Repairs.    These antique Singer sewing machines were often made of cast iron that easily rusted.  To keep the machine running, grease and oils were required to lubricate the gears and levers.  Often the Singer sewing machine was mounted onto cabinets like the typical treadle sewing machine.  The wooden parts suffered from exposure.  Lubricants, moisture, and general exposure created big problems.  The treadle parts often rusted severely due to exposure to moisture and variations in temperature. 

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The result was and still is a demand for qualified Singer Sewing Machine Antique Repairs.    This is a bit different from general sewing machine repair.  The mechanisms have changed over time.  Much of the actual Singer Sewing Machine Antique Repairs have more to do with refurbishing surfaces suffering from wood rot, rust, and neglect.

I remember my first Singer Sewing Machine Antique Repairs.    A lady’s grandmother had passed away, and she was in the process of settling her estate.  She was cleaning out her grandmother’s estate.   The lady had found this antique singer sewing machine.  It had been stored in the back of a shed on her grandmother’s property.   She wanted Singer Sewing Machine Antique Repairs to make the antique sewing machine look nice and work too.   Her husband drove up with the antique sewing machine in the back of his truck.  It really looked bad.  The undercarriage was covered in the fine red rust dust.  The wood cabinet had veneer that was pealing away.  The Singer sewing machine head was stuck solid.  It would not turn at all.  I made no promises.  I explained that I would do my best.

I began my Singer Sewing Machine Antique Repairs.  Over the next several days, I went to work disassembling and cleaning.   I removed the head of the antique sewing machine.  It was placed in a soaking bath to remove the old rust and grime.  The head cleaned up nicely.  I finally got the hand wheel to turn.   The head was thoroughly lubricated.  The machine received a few minor adjustments.  The head was ready to test.   I disassembled the tension assembly.   I cleaned it thoroughly.  I buffed away most of the rust.   Then I reassembled it.  Antique Sewing Machines.

 I removed the wood part of the cabinet from the cast iron carriage.   I was able to re-glue the veneer or most of it anyway.  I sanded and refinished the cabinet.

The Cast iron carriage was bad.   I sprayed it with rust dissolving chemicals.  I used several wire brushes and steel wool until the rust was mostly gone.  Then I sprayed the entire undercarriage with black rustoleum paint.   I spend many hours working on the wheel assembly. Finally, I was able to get the treadle to work smoothly again. 

Finally,  the Singer Sewing Machine Antique Repairs were complete.  The antique treadle sewing machine looked great and sewed great too.  I really did not want to give it back to the customer.  But I did.

 Singer Sewing Machine Antique Repairs.