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Singer Sewing Machine Repair.

Since 1851, Singer Sewing Machines have been the top selling sewing machine.   The only way to stitch was by hand.  Until, Isaac Singer brought his first sewing machine to the market.    His sewing machine revolutionized the sewing world.  Today millions of Singer sewing machines are still used everyday.  They need Singer Sewing Machine Repair.

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Today millions people use Singer sewing machines to make clothes, pillows, draperies, and thousands of different items.  The vast majority of sewers sew ten to twelve hours per week.   Twenty to thirty hours per week is common.   Some sew professionally hours without end in an active cottage industry.   All of these Singer Sewing Machines need repair from time to time. 

Singer Sewing Machine Maintenance is like sewing machine repair.   Singer Sewing Machine Maintenance is keeping a sewing machine operating at properly.   Sewing Machine repair is fixing sewing machines that are broken.  In many cases, Sewing machine repair is the result of   inadequate Singer Sewing Machine Maintenance.  The difference has to do with the degree of work done.    

When Singer Sewing Machine service is performed regularly and thoroughly, there is very little need for sewing machine repair.  Sewing machines are built to last.   Singer Sewing Machines  often last almost forever.

There are two levels of Singer Sewing Machine Repair.  First, the sewing machine user can maintain their machine.   Second, a qualified sewing machine technician can perform Singer Sewing Machine Repair as needed.

The sewing machine user needs to regularly change the needle.  They need to wipe off the outsides.  They need to clean out the bobbin area every few hours of sewing.  The need to place one drop of pure clean sewing machine oil on the hook race every few hours.

The process is fully described in Dr. David Trumble’s Ebook, “7 Steps to Peak Performance”.   This ebook teaches you how to do Singer Sewing Machine Maintenance. 

It teaches you how to properly thread your sewing machine.  It teaches you how to do Singer Sewing Machine Maintenance on the bobbin area. 

This includes adjusting bobbin tension, cleaning the bobbin area, and oiling the hook race.  This book also reveals Singer Sewing Machine Repair of the upper tension assembly.   It shows the user how to service the needle bar and needles. 

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Here are a few quick tips for Singer Sewing Machine Repair from “7 Steps To Peak Performance.”

1.  Use the right needle for the project.
2. Replace the needle every three to four hours.
3. Clean the bobbin area every two hours of sewing.
4. Place one drop of oil on the sewing machine race every two to three hours.
5. Clean out the needle bar area ever three to four hours.  Use canned air or air compressor.

The Singer Sewing Machine Repair needs to be completed at least annually by a professional sewing machine technician.  You may find a qualified Singer Sewing Machine Repair person at most independent sewing machine dealers.  You can find qualified technicians at authorized Singer Dealerships.  You can also utilize the regional sewing machine service center.

This Singer Sewing Machine Repair may be described by several different terms.  These terms include Sewing Machine Tune Up, Full Service, Clean and Oil, and Standard Service.  These terms are industry descriptions of a Singer Sewing Machine Maintenance.  The process involves a series of basic servicing steps.  The Singer Sewing Machine Maintenance includes the following steps.  "My Magnificent Sewing Machine" reveals the techniques for Singer Sewing Machine Repair.

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1. Initial Test of the Sewing Machine.
2. Removal of Sewing Machine Covers.
3. Thorough Cleaning of the inside of the sewing machine.
4. Inspection of the insides of the sewing machine. 
5. Clarify potential issues related to the initial test.
6. Replace any broken or badly worn parts and adjust accordingly.
7. Reassemble the sewing machine.
8. Thoroughly test the sewing machine and adjust as needed.

The user’s portion  of the Singer Sewing Machine Repair should be regularly completed.  The professional repair person's Singer Sewing Machine Repair should be completed at least once per year. 

Singer Sewing Machine Repair.