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Vintage Sewing Machine Repair.

Vintage Sewing Machine Repair has two basic parts.

First, Vintage Sewing Machine Repair involves maintenance.  The mechanical parts of the sewing machine must work properly.

Second, Vintage Sewing Machine  involves refurbishing.  The cosmetic looks of the Vintage sewing machine are very important.

Vintage Sewing Machine Repair is repair of mechanical sewing machines.

These machines predate the modern computerized sewing machines.  They predate the electronic control systems.  They predate pulse motors.  They predate circuit boards. They predate integrated circuits.  These Vintage  sewing machines use wheels, levers, and gears to sew.

The drive mechanism may be a hand crank.  It may be a treadle system.  It may be an early electrified AC motor drive. 

Vintage Sewing Machine Repair pic.

The Vintage sewing machines often use foot or hand power. The drive system turns an upper shaft.  The shaft runs from the hand wheel to the needle bar.  The hand wheel is on the far right of the sewing machine.  The shaft turns the needle bar.  The needle bar assembly is on the far left of the sewing machine.  This upper shaft moves the needle bar up and down.

The upper shaft also uses a lever or belt system.  It transfers the power down to the lower sewing machine shaft.  The lever or belt turns the lower shaft.  This movement must be timed. It must work perfectly with  the upper shaft.  The lower shaft turns.  This causes the hook and feed dogs to turn in time with the needle bar.


Vintage Sewing Machine Repair pic 2.


Vintage Sewing Machine Repair requires maintenance.  The same basic services are used as other mechanical sewing machine.  Vintage Sewing Machine Repair maintains good mechanical operations. 

Sewing Machine Repair Secrets Vintage Sewing Machine Repair requires overcoming the ravages of age.  Avoid exposure to weather. Avoid exposure to rust.  Avoid exposure to decay.  Lubricate and maintain the  Vintage sewing machine.  

The sewing machine must be clean.  Clear away the lint.  Clear away the debris.  Clear away old oils.  Clear away crystallized grease.  Properly lubricate Vintage sewing machines.  Dissolve Rust deposits on the inside and out.  Brush away rust.  Maintain a smooth operating machine.   Properly set Tensions. Properly set Hook needle timing.  Properly set Feed dog timing. 

The way the Vintage sewing machine looks is vital.  Every effort must be made to preserve the looks of  the Vintage sewing machine.  This is a major part of Vintage Sewing Machine Repair.

Vintage Sewing Machine Repair  requires specialized knowledge.  Vintage Sewing Machine Repair  requires special techniques.   

Many of today's  chemicals cannot be used.  Vintage Sewing Machine Repair takes special care.   Many of today's techniques cannot be used in Vintage Sewing Machine Repair.  Vintage sewing machine repair requires special care mechanically and aesthetically.

For example, the sewing machine technician cleans the outside of most sewing machines.  He uses household cleaners like 401 and Windex.

In Vintage Sewing Machine Repair these cleaners interact with the enamel paint.  They destroy  the Vintage finish. 

Many of the Vintages have gold or silver leaf decoration on the machine.   The combination of the enameled paint and decorative leaf are vulnerable to the modern chemical cleaners. 

An amateur sewing machine mechanic, may unknowingly ruin the finish.  It only takes seconds to apply destructive chemicals.   It only takes seconds to destroy Vintage surfaces. 

The Vintage Sewing Machine Repair person understands.  He knows how to clean the Vintage sewing machine without destroying the surfaces.

Some technicians may even apply new decorative leaf.

There is some debate of this practice.  Some want the greatest beauty possible.

Others believe Vintages retain their highest value when unaltered. Adding decorative leaf or repainting the surface some say degrades the value of the Vintage.  Usually, the goal of the Vintage Sewing Machine Repair Technician is to refresh the machine without altering its original character. 

Among the best cleansers is pure clean sewing machine oil.  Use the oil to clean the enamel painted cast iron.  Oil cleanses and refreshes the sewing machine.   This is the same oil used to lubricate sewing machines.

Vintage Sewing Machine Repair often means dealing with rust or pitting.  The decay must be stopped.  

This may involve using other special chemicals.  The experienced Vintage Sewing Machine Repair man will know what to use.  This may involve smoothing with steel wool or brush.  This may involve special enamel paints to compliment the original finish of the machine.

Vintage Sewing Machine Repair.